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In addition to managing all purchases for the Santander Group, Aquanima provides its expertise to more than 120 external customers whose objective is to obtain maximum efficiency.

We offer this expertise through two models: strategic and tactical negotiations, locally and globally, in various categories of expenditure, both directly and indirectly. Likewise, our capabilities extend to the management of contracts and our suppliers in order to guarantee minimum risk in negotiations..

All our processes are developed with a rigorous and auditable methodology, with total transparency and traceability via the use of our technological and innovative tools.

We support these processes by giving continuous support to our clients throughout the negotiation, from the management of the initial order to the digital signature of the contract.

In this way, we position ourselves as a strategic partner offering solutions that help achieve the goals and objectives of both our customers and suppliers.



We manage high value purchases in order to achieve maximum profitability for our customers with savings of more than 15%.

Within this type of negotiations, the following categories are included:

  • Telecomms: average savings of 30%
  • Marketing: average savings of 22%
  • Electrical energy: average savings of 20%
  • Legal services: average savings of 20%
  • Logistics: average savings of 16%
  • Civil works: average savings of 15%
  • Maintenance: average savings of 14%
  • Security: average savings of 10%



We manage lower value purchases, seeking greater agility throughout the entire process, reducing costs.

Our goal in this type of negotiations is cost optimization and continuous improvement.