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Procurement is a constantly evolving business, with risk of the transaction being one of the main factors that the customer takes into account when making their purchase.

In Aquanima, we guarantee the solvency of each supplier, mitigating risks and ensuring the safety of our customers' purchasing processes.

We manage the risk of relationship with third parties based on an exhaustive analysis of our partners and guarantee their financial and technical solvency, ensuring that they meet the requirements of our customers, official bodies and the regulators.

In this way we achieve the most appropriate selection and award of suppliers for each client and create lasting relationships.


In Aquanima, we seek to improve the experience of suppliers and users. We have a global and transversal vision of our suppliers, which allows us to be more efficient.

In addition, we want to provide our suppliers with a complete vision about their relationship with Aquanima and the Santander Group, via a collaborative platform, in which they can follow risk management procedures and manage contracts jointly with the client, hence guaranteeing efficiency in all their dealings with the Group.


Nowadays, the complexity, the difficulty of prediction and increasing regulatory demands, means that businesses must take risk exposure increasingly more into account. That is why, from our Vendor Risk Assessment Centre, we want to help suppliers minimize their own risk and hence control unforeseen factors that may affect our customers.

To achieve this, we have a unique tool with global coverage and a specialized team, which helps us assess the risk of relationships with third parties in a centralized and efficient manner. In turn, our experts in GDPR, Cybersecurity, Security and Facilities, accompany suppliers throughout the entire process, providing coverage to the entire Santander Group.


We certify suppliers from a financial, legal and reputational perspective via an exhaustive analysis in order to mitigate any risk involved.


We are delighted to launch our new supplier risk management platform. This unique tool is a one stop shop for vendors of the Santander Group and allows for efficient, dynamic and integrated management of all supplier information in one single platform.

It offers a holistic view of the entire lifecycle from vendor onboarding and negotiations through to contract management. This traceability enables Aquanima to have more control of all relevant information held on the Group’s vendors in addition to manage any potential associated risk in a more efficient manner.

Click here to watch a video of the new tool.

Want to become one of our suppliers?

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