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In Aquanima we want people and businesses to prosper. We achieve this thanks to our strong corporate culture, with committed and prepared employees who apply our responsible business practices.

Aligned with the philosophy of the Santander Group, we want to develop our business of procurement and supplier risk in a responsible way in which everything we do is Simple, Personal and Fair.

We care about how our activity can have an impact on the environment in which we work and with whom we interact every day: people, society and suppliers. We support growth based on investment in the community and the analysis and awareness of environmental, social and financial risks.

Therefore, we work responsibly to provide added value to people and businesses and forge lasting relationships.

Supplier risk management

In Aquanima, we have a model and policy for managing suppliers, setting out a common methodology for all countries to follow when selecting, approving and evaluating suppliers. In addition to traditional criteria, such as price and quality of service, sustainability criteria are also included.

Moreover, our supplier approval policy incorporates the principles of responsible behaviour for suppliers. These principles establish the minimum conditions that we expect from our suppliers in the areas of ethics and conduct, social issues and the environment. The principles are in line with the ten principles of the Global Compact.

In Aquanima, we are the gateway for our suppliers and every day we build long term relationships with them based on mutual benefits and shared values.